Installing Sublime Text 3 on Fedora 21, hassle-free

22 February 2015 tutorial

Sublime Text does not have official packages for Fedora that would for example, create a shortcut, make the executable accesible through a command, etc. There are loads of scripts on the internet that do this stuff, but most are outdated and I wasn't able to find a working one for F21. So I edited Sayak Sarkar's script to work on F21.

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Physics - a physics emulator

12 February 2015 creations achievements

I made a Physics emulator inspired by the Physics Activity for Sugar for the Kivy Contest 2014. I didn't win anything, just a T-Shirt (pretty slick T-Shirt though), but since the contest period for Kivy Contest and Google India Code2Learn were overlapping, I submitted Physics as my entry for Code2Learn.

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A bash script to start a jekyll blog post

07 February 2015 projects creations

Here's a little bash script I wrote to start a new jekyll post. So jekyll posts always follow a certain template, there is the YAML Front Matter and then some content. Typing the date is kinda annoying. This script does that stuff for you.

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Google Code-In 2014

06 February 2015 achievement rensched-it

I am a finalist in Google Code-In 2014. I'll be getting a certificate, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt. I'm not that happy to be honest. Disappointed actually. Natural to get disappointed when the same thing happens again. Meh.

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